In addition to the pulp and paper industry, aluminum-based products are used in the manufacture of titanium dioxide, refinery catalysts, zeolites, molecular sieves, in the pharmaceutical industry, and for water and wastewater treatment.


Southern Ionics manufactures a high purity aqua ammonia solution called AQUA-CAT® from anhydrous ammonia and de-mineralized water. Concentrations up to 29% solution are available.


SII is the largest regional manufacturer of magnesium sulfate solutions. The company has developed magnesium-based products for the paper industry to protect fiber during oxygen delignification and to improve peroxide efficiency. Other magnesium products are used in the pharmaceutical industry.


Southern Ionics is the South's largest producer of sulfur solution products, including sodium bisulfite, sodium sulfite, and sodium thiosulfate.


Zirconium-based products are utilized in the production of titanium dioxide and for the refinery and automotive catalyst.


SII also manufactures a variety of products including sodium carbonate solutions, inhibited sulfuric acid, various concentrations of sulfuric acid and caustic soda, ammonia hydroxide solutions and provides custom blending services.

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