Sulfur Chemistries

Southern Ionics is the leading North American producer of sodium bisulfite, sodium sulfite and sodium thiosulfate. Our extensive production network, including four company-owned and operated on-purpose sulfur burner production facilities at Pasadena, Texas; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Williamsport, Maryland and five partner production facilities, ensures a reliable supply of high-quality products with broad geographic coverage and economical transportation. Our sulfur chemicals are delivered in company-owned tank trucks and rail cars ensuring product integrity and efficient and reliable delivery for our customers.

Southern Ionics Sulfur Chemicals Products are powerful reducing reagents with a variety of applications in many industries.

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  • De-chlorination of wastewater from municipal and industrial facilities
  • Chlorine dioxide destruction in pulp processing
  • Desulfurization of flue gases
  • Surfactants synthesis
  • Boiler water treatment
  • Oxygen scavenger applications
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food preservation