AQUA-CAT® Ammonium Hydroxide

AQUA-CAT® high purity ammonium hydroxide solutions are specifically designed to meet the demanding purity requirements of sensitive applications such as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for NOx removal, for catalyst production, and specialty chemical applications. AQUA-CAT® products are NSF-60 certified, and the AQUA-CAT® 29% meets or exceeds all requirements for Reagent Grade Aqueous Ammonia and the Commercial Item Description for Ammonium Hydroxide Technical Grade (A-A-59370). Our strategically located production facilities at Lake Charles, Louisiana and Pasadena, Texas combined with our AQUA-CAT® dedicated tank truck fleet equipped with special discharge pumps ensure product integrity and reliable delivery for our customers’ applications.

Product Information


  • SCR and SNCR for removal of nitrous oxides in stack emissions
  • Catalyst manufacture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Water treatment
  • Specialty chemical manufacture
  • Fiber manufacturing