Quality, Vision & Mission Policy

Quality Policy


Achievement of this policy will be made by:

  • Exceeding customer expectations.
  • Preventing deficiencies in our products and services, thereby optimizing our systems and costs and improving our efficiency.
  • Continuing to improve processes which are focused on satisfying the customer’s key measures.


Our vision is to build a company that excels in safety, reliability, quality, and service. We strive to be a company our customers and employees trust, have confidence in, and can depend upon recognizing that excellence is a way of life built on every action we take.


In order to achieve our vision, our mission is to . . .

  • Serve our customers by continually improving our products and processes to better meet their changing needs.
  • Supply products that meet or exceed food grade requirements to key customers requiring such assurances.
  • Make safety an integral part of each of our activities so health and environment are not compromised.
  • Recognize that our employees are our greatest resource and help them develop their maximum potential.
  • Maintain a sound financial condition and obtain a fair return on investments.
  • Be a good neighbor in the community and foster and support civic activities toward the improvement of the community.
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Milton O. Sundbeck, Jr.
Chairman and CEO