Safety Policy

Safety Policy

The health and safety of all employees is a primary concern of Southern Ionics Incorporated. Southern Ionics Incorporated’s goal is the safe execution of its operations. Safety is an integral part of every job. Safety will not be subordinate to demands for production, cost savings, product quality, schedules, convenience or expediency.

All employees have the responsibility to perform their job in a safe manner to ensure their own safety and the safety of their co-workers.

It is Southern Ionics Incorporated’s policy to maintain safe working conditions. Workplaces will be free of recognized safety hazards. Southern Ionics Incorporated will comply fully with all laws and regulations pertaining to the safety and health of employees. All employees will receive training on safety procedures and safety regulations.

Employees will be held accountable for the safe performance of their duties. Your safety record is important. Disregard for safety is a very serious matter.

Additionally, Southern Ionics Incorporated has developed security procedures to provide its customers and the general public with the safe and secure transportation of liquid and dry bulk commodities over the nation’s highways and to ensure a safe, secure work environment and the personal security of its employees and associates while on or within any Southern Ionics Incorporated facility. It is the responsibility of everyone within the corporation and those associated with the corporation to ensure compliance with these procedures. Strict adherence to this policy and the corporate security procedures is required.

Southern Ionics Incorporated recognizes its responsibility to provide a safe operation. Working together can make this possible.

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Milton O. Sundbeck, Jr.
Chairman & CEO